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Black Girl Curly

Hello All!

First, thank you for visiting my site :) Let me also tell you where the title of this site comes from! For years I was constantly stopped and questioned about my hair. When I responded with the fact that I was natural and took care of my hair myself, people always wanted to dismiss my statements with, “Well your hair is curly!” and I would always promptly reply, “It’s black girl curly!”. 

Now as I’ve grown older and come into my own, I realize that I have what most would consider a mix of S and 0 shaped hair that is HIGHLY textured. 

For nearly a decade I have tried affordable products from drugstores all the way to special order high end products. All in order to moisturize, maintain, and protect my curls, waves and kinks! I have also figured out my own process that allows me to get a salon sleek look at home.

Whether you want to air dry, style, straighten or just understand your natural hair, this blog will be here to help.

But even more than just talking about hair, I want to explore the relationship that hair has to our lives, our emotions, our beings.

I plan on growing my hair and my spirit - all chronicled here on my blog. 


My inspiration!